The Island

Beyond atolls and old blue seas
Along the silver streaks of moonlight
An island stands, alone and proud
A dot in space, not to be found
In this place, we’re lost in time
Unspoiled by the world’s turmoil
Deeply in love, slowly sinking…
Moved by a strong current
A persistent underflow
This tide… a different kind
It’s impossible to define
It’s the two of us, but unified
An undertow… of you and I.


Laying awake in a peaceful night
I saw your eyes… reflecting mine
You sat peacefully by an old tree
In a year to come, a dream yet to be
Words meet at the edge of a verse
Hearts beat at the sound of one
I’m right here, you’re way over there…
But our distance makes no difference
‘Cause we’ll meet in my sleep, darling
Tonight we’ll dance, and forget the world
Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about it.


Above the clouds there is silence
Stillness in a white ocean’s flow
Cities, lakes, dots in space
Time relative to the feeling
That the vast world vaulting us
Is a colourful motion picture
In the window of our soul.
Meanwhile I sit quietly
In my reclined chair
Breathing slow
Gliding through
A bird in a moving flock
Playing with memories of you.


Beyond this sleepy Utah desert
Moonlit ridges and lonesome roads
Beyond the people and city buildings
The salty lakes and snowy slopes.
Beyond Arizona, Navajo lands
And this crazy, crazy world.
There, beyond it all, lies a place
Where your welcoming embrace
Warms my heart when it’s zero below.
Where I get lost in your eyes
And kiss you a thousand times.
A place where time quits for a while
And the entire world stands still
To catch a glimpse of your smile.

Half Dome

Halfway around the world
An ancient forest grows old
Watched by a granite tower
A full moon, a half dome.
A half that is whole
An illusion by default
Calling out to the brave
Who dare to face her wall.
Halfway around the world
My heart brings you home
To the snow, to the valleys
Where I’ll watch you dance
While the fire falls.